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Esta es la resolución del EC de la WFSW-FMTS instando una vez más al desarme nuclear.
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ENERGY, CLIMATE AND SOCIAL NEEDS, An lntroduction to the subject,

by Frederico G. Carvalho (Vicepresident of the WFSW-FMTS)

"The subject proposed immediately raises the question of ascertaining in what measure the satisfaction of social needs, the utilization of different energy sources and global climatic change are interconnected. Today, it seems indisputable that the answer to the question is affirmative. Multiple links exist between the problem areas concerned. We know that in many respects the world we live in is highly unequal. The postulate that all human beings are born equal in rights is by far not verified in real practice. Opportunities are far from being the same for every one of our fellow inhabitants of the best australian online casinos Earth. We may ask the legitimate question of how it will be possible to effectively change this de facto state of affairs and, even, whether means to that end do exist that are compatible with a dignified life and the material conditions needed to keep the indispensable physical and moral health. Each one of us should experience the moral obligation of contributing to improve the living conditions of humans in accordance with one's own capabilities and social influence. This should be looked upon not only as a moral imperative but as a necessity of survival of the species as well..."

ENERGY, CLIMATE AND SOCIAL NEEDSby Frederico G. Carvalho (Vicepresident of the WFSW-FMTS)
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Se puede dar de comer a todos?

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Special de Nature: Can Science feed the world? (29/VII/2010)

"More than one billion people go hungry today, and the vast majority of them are in low-income countries. Increasing yield sustainably — using less water, fertilizers and pesticides — is going to be a crucial part of the solution. Nature asks what role science has to play in securing food for the future".

Relacionado con este tema también es interesante: The Growing Problem

"World hunger remains a major problem, but not for the reasons many suspect. Nature analyses the trends and the challenges of feeding 9 billion by 2050".

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RECURSO ADMINISTRATIVO contra el recorte salarial

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El MODELO DE RECURSO ADMINISTRATIVO que la Junta de Gobierno de FEDECA ha preparado para los recursos a plantear contra el recorte salarial aplicado a nuestras nóminas, como consecuencia del RDL 8/2010, y las instrucciones procesales para poner en marcha el proceso se pueden descargar de la web de FEDECA (ver enlaces directos o, también, noticias del 6 y 7 de julio de 2010 en https://www.fedeca.es/)

Web de FEDECA: "FEDECA, al servicio y en interés de todos, pone a disposición el modelo que se adjunta a fin de que podais facilitarlo a cuantas personas y compañeros estén interesados, cualquiera que sea su Cuerpo/escala de adscripción. Igualmente se adjuntan las instrucciones procesales para poner en marcha el proceso (con posterioridad se reiterará y completará la información relativa a la interposición del recurso contencioso administrativo ante los tribunales)".


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